Thursday, June 28, 2012

Road Trip USA, Part 9: The Hare Krishna Temple

Unfortunately, no one had time to explain anything to me, getting ready for an event to feed the disadvantaged.
 To learn more about the Food For Life program of providing vegetarian meals to hungry locals world wide, visit Hare_Krishna_Food_for_Life.  This vedic Indian movement is based on the idea that all humans are equals and that no one should be starving within the spiritual-geographic community.  

Road Trip, USA Part 8: Balconies of the French Quarter

Public housing project.

Forgive the truck at the bottom of the frame...hazards of taking photos on a driving tour.  

I like to read the news while playing chess and wearing my red beret!

This image speaks for itself.

Apparently this cafe makes famous pastry.  

Corner store convenience...where you can get it all: Neon shirts, alcohol, and zydeco gear!  Finally, one stop shopping!

Because it is just so much better than biking.  

Road Trip, USA Part 7: New Orleans Cemetery

SI love death and dead people.  I love skeletons, cemeteries, and the rituals and stories surrounding what happens when we die.  It's been a life-long interest that began with whimsical Halloween decorations, cartoons like this one:  Skeleton Symphony (my favorite part starts a 2 minutes 40 seconds), and exposure to Natural History Museum Emergence of Man at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C.

The result of this fascination is a compulsion to visit interesting cemeteries.  In New Orleans, bodies cannot be buried in the ground due to the water table saturation, so they aren't.  Instead mausoleums are constructed like this lovely example.

I am always stuck behind barriers.  Walls, fences, age...

Unfortunately, it was locked and shut when I arrived due to the late hour, so I was regulated to photographing through the gates.

Example of stacking above ground.