Wednesday, September 23, 2015

100 Books: Update

I am WAY behind my reading this year.  I spend a considerably larger portion of my time sitting in traffic and unfortunately, it isn't the kind of traffic you can read in.  Other annual goals are on track, but I've documented them poorly.  I will make some effort to try to get some stuff updated this week, but time is still scarce.  Longer workdays, bigger workloads, longer driving times, all unavoidably monopolize what would normally be "free" time.  I do have a nice little queue of 8 or so books waiting for when the moment is ripe.  

Due to erhm, "suggestions" of some readers last year, I realize that my reading list can be a bit klunky.  As a result, I will be dividing the reading by category and only list what is finished.

Total: 14

The Yezidis: The History of a Community, Culture, and Religion by Birgul Acikyildiz

The Essentials of Ibadi Islam by Valerie Hoffman

* I met Giles Hilton at the specialty tea counter at Fortnum & Mason in London who helped me understand some basics about different types of tea.  I told him it was really precious knowledge and asked if he had written a book or could recommend any.  He did recommend one by his friend Jane Pettigrew and then finally admitted he had also published something.  While it was out of print, I was able to turn up a copy and found it to be really informative, illustrated, and a pleasant read.  He was a lovely person who clearly had fine tastes and I felt lucky to have had the interaction.