Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camp Bullis: Day 6

Today we did HMMWV HEAT.i photographed another team's first task. My team set the record time fir first task, by the way. : D

In the afternoon we did land nav with maps, compasses, and sheer force of will.

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  1. Lark,

    I'm glad I already did my time both in Afghanistan and the army because I certainly wouldn't want to do it now. No chance of that though since there's probably at least 150 people ahead of me on the list if it becomes mandatory:))

  2. People care much more than you think. mom

  3. Blog is good! What a view of the world. Office is small but better than i imagined. Your food looks fresh...who would have thought Lucky Charms would make it to the war zone! Images are great, keep it coming!