Saturday, June 5, 2010

Afghanistan Day 4: Camp Eggers (May 26)

 Camp Eggers is really interesting.  There is a hodge podge of beautiful old Iraqi embassy buildings, US military tents, temporary buildings, and subtle indicators of everyday life.


  1. Hello Sir, Here is I do know you, I live in Belgium, and I look for a friend who wouldbe in the camp Eggers, it is Chief warrant officer Richard Ray, please knew him (it) you????If yes you communicate him (her) my e-mails address, so that he writ me !!!! Thanks, In the pleasure to read to you Marie Breuse

  2. Marie- I am a woman! I do not know Richard Ray and I have no way to contact him. Sorry! Good luck!

  3. Camp Phoneix had a trailer that was a burger king, Eggers had a subway and they were trying to open a burger king. I left there the end of 2012. They have a green bean coffee shop. Living quarters for contractors were 3 to a 20 ft connex when I was there.

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