Friday, January 31, 2014

Sweden Day 6: Wild Friday Night (part 1)

After work, my wild night out in Stockholm involved having my hair washed and styled at the train station, eating Turkish food, followed by driving back to the base in the snow and then working for 3.5 more hours on a presentation with a friend.  

I loved this slide from today's lectures.  

clean hair! 

Don't worry- I didn't eat the peppers.  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sweden Day 5: Swedish Sweets

Swedish chocolate party!

This is called the vacuum cleaner chocolate due to the shape.  It's good and really cute.  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sweden Day 2: Better Late Than Never

So incidentally, my phone's GPS quit working as soon as I left the internet coverage of Stockholm.  This meant that I got routed to a retirement home in the city south of where the military base is located.  When I called the base for help (and also to explain that I was now expecting to be late instead of 90 minutes early) they said get on E 4 and follow the signs.  Unfortunately, there were no roads called E 4, or E anything, just numbers like 261.  SO, traveling further away from the city, I ended up being in the city north east of my base.  I had to back track to the retirement home city, go a little south and pick up a road called E 18.  That finally got me to the right place.  I was mortified about being late.  Phone gps depends on the sim card.  I made it in spite all the confusion.  Stressed, but glad to be here.  The base is small and quiet and the snow is pretty.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sweden Day 1: SnOw cold!!!!

In flight
first glimpse

The heated area of the Queen's Hotel in Stockholm

charming elevator

Me, in many layers, in my room. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Belgium Day 422: The G8 of scarves shares hijab styles, and happy birthday continued (part 3)

Asma prepares Amy- Saudi style

Fadoua shows us a Moroccan Style

Moroccan Tea- the perfect refeshMINT

Asma prepare my miswak (stick for cleaning teeth)

More happy birthday to B!

Miswak is finally ready.  

a Turkish style 

Afghan style

Birthday chocolates from Galler 


B opens b-day gifts
Fadoua's most beautiful scarf, Fadoua's hijab style on Amy

I'm up next- first step is hair 

We are a bit fruity, but who could ask for better friends!?