Monday, January 27, 2014

Sweden Day 2: Better Late Than Never

So incidentally, my phone's GPS quit working as soon as I left the internet coverage of Stockholm.  This meant that I got routed to a retirement home in the city south of where the military base is located.  When I called the base for help (and also to explain that I was now expecting to be late instead of 90 minutes early) they said get on E 4 and follow the signs.  Unfortunately, there were no roads called E 4, or E anything, just numbers like 261.  SO, traveling further away from the city, I ended up being in the city north east of my base.  I had to back track to the retirement home city, go a little south and pick up a road called E 18.  That finally got me to the right place.  I was mortified about being late.  Phone gps depends on the sim card.  I made it in spite all the confusion.  Stressed, but glad to be here.  The base is small and quiet and the snow is pretty.

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