Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Year and a Day: 2013 Confessions

In the last year and a day I have learned that I can:

- move to a country where I dont speak the language
- learn Arabic taught in French
- drive a car without breaks
- pee in the woods
- survive disappointing relationships- particularly with my oven, my dishwasher, and my washing machine/dryer.
- find kind people in unexpected places
- live without a cellphone (do NOT recommend it)
- survive a car accident in a country where I don't speak the language and can't tell police where I am.
- get a colicky baby to sleep in my arms
- learn to make turkish food
- drag my luggage several miles in the sun in Dubai with a broken toe and live to tell the tale of it
- not memorize dialogues in French
- quit a class
- expertly parallel park in europe
- eat chocolate for breakfast
- learn to make polish food
- take the train between London and Europe
- do two Mater's degrees in a short amount of time while working

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