Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tbilisi Day 1: The Silk Museum (part 3)

art made from silk worm pods

in the beginning, they tried dying the worms, which didn't work well- it turns out dying the silk works out much better

silk dye made from crushed bugs

traditional Georgian patterns

the amazing floor

how patterns get on silk- by hand stamping

Tbilisi Day 1: the Silk Musèum (part 2)

child visiting the museum

silk worm

different shapes of leaves occur on the same tree

cuts up mulberry leaves to help the worms eat better

Female worms weigh more than male worms,  this machine sorts them based on weight so they can be paired for mating.

Tbilisi Day 1: (some repeats, sorry) Silk Museum, Open Air Ethnography Museum

Every time I go to a new country, I try to find a hair salon, a pharmacy, and a bookshop so my family can see how things measure up for our three professions.  


What could possibly go wrong?

Got a soviet-era picture book in English from this man.  :D

Interesting interpretation of parking.

The British Bookshop

Went to the historic Synagog.  We were given a lovely tour in English.  The Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Tblisi have been living in harmony together for thousands of years, they say.  They believe it can be done anywhere- when people are more interested in being neighbors than in creating differences.  In fact, the local Sunni and Shia populations share a mosque in shifts, and have always done so. 

a bit windy at the hilltop restaurant.

A Russian family does no less than 8 toasts during their dinner.