Saturday, June 6, 2015

Tbilisi Day 1: (some repeats, sorry) Silk Museum, Open Air Ethnography Museum

Every time I go to a new country, I try to find a hair salon, a pharmacy, and a bookshop so my family can see how things measure up for our three professions.  


What could possibly go wrong?

Got a soviet-era picture book in English from this man.  :D

Interesting interpretation of parking.

The British Bookshop

Went to the historic Synagog.  We were given a lovely tour in English.  The Jews, Muslims, and Christians in Tblisi have been living in harmony together for thousands of years, they say.  They believe it can be done anywhere- when people are more interested in being neighbors than in creating differences.  In fact, the local Sunni and Shia populations share a mosque in shifts, and have always done so. 

a bit windy at the hilltop restaurant.

A Russian family does no less than 8 toasts during their dinner.

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