Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Afghanistan Day 100: Turkish Embassy Armed Forces Day Celebration (for August 30)

Tonight Team NMAA was invited to the Turkish Embassy for the celebration of Armed Forces Day.  

" It's a Turkish Hush Puppy." ~ Al

Party favors: Lapel pins and dual flag key chains

Food, glorious food!


Team NMAA 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Afghanistan Day 89: KAIA (August 19)

Today was another day of wonderful care packages!

From Marilyn in SC.  Great donations for the girls' school.

Morale boosters and stuff for the kids from Heidi of MD and Carol of Texas.

Also, got two boxes of supplies from my parents in Rhode Island.

Thank you for the support!

Afghanistan Day 88: KAIA (August 18)

Today I had a really neat opportunity-  I was able to adjust my schedule to accommodate for a quick morning helicopter ride.  

We went from Kabul to Jalalabad (no getting out, just watching).

About to board with Papa Ron and Lovely Leasa.

Taking off...

Kabul from above.

En route

Sugar Cane

Jalalabad from above.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Afghanistan Day 87: NMAA/KAIA (August 17)

Had dinner with the Italians!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Afghanistan Day 84: NMAA/KAIA

SSgt Sherril selflessly donates time, energy, good attitude, and forfeits bathroom access for a long day at NMAA. 

Today I had a volunteer help me (active duty Air Force) at work.  She was great!  She helped with staff work and also with conversation class.  :)  Yey for support!  THANK YOU!

Care package from Barb and Melisa boosts morale in the office!  Thank you!
Care package from Barb and Melisa.

Care package from Barb and Melisa.  :D
Barb and Melisa of Washington support their troops!  Thank you!

Happy girl, opening all the care packages. 
Today was also the day of "she who dies with the most care packages wins"!
Care package for me from congregation members of my childhood congregation!  Thanks Faith T. and friends! :D  Very thoughtful.  :D

Be famous, ready, set, go!
Tonight I was invited to dinner with quite the international crew.

The food was delicious, the people were fun, and I was not allowed to leave until at least 1,000 photos were taken.
Manga, Manga!

We were a silly, happy bunch.
Somehow I got invited, yey!  :D 

Friday, August 13, 2010

Afghanistan Day 83: Ghar /Black Horse

Today I climbed a mountain named Ghar! (Dari for mountain) on one of the US bases in Kabul.  

First Summit

Final Summit!  

Out of breath and feeling tired, but happy!

Ready, aim, fire!
War wreckage at KMTC
Black Horse FOB
Standing in the remains of the old Russian FOB (forward operating base)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Afghanistan Day 81: Video Clip of Bala Hissar

Afghanistan Day 81: KAIA (August 11)

So the door locked itself shut from the inside and the out.  Had to take the hinges off from the outside.  It was quite the endeavor.  All in a day's work!

Got Blondies from my mom (its a Rhode Island treat).

Went to Kabul University.   It was pretty!