Monday, August 2, 2010

Afghanistan Day 72: NMAA (August 2)

Today was bittersweet goodbyes.

My NMAA boss, my NMAA IT partner in crime, and my driving stick-shift instructor left for home.

My patient driving tutor!  Great driver- best one in the bunch, and incredibly patient.  Driving stick in a 15 passenger van on unpaved "roads" in a warzone.  Not great teaching conditions.

 The described relative to me, not their West Point/ Real jobs:
L-->R  My driving-stick teacher, my boss, me, and my IT miracle

I got earrings from my departing battle buddy/gym mate, John.  It was a cool surprise.  The military has a culture of gift giving for departures.  I gave him gummy army guys.
(check out my combat hair- scary!) 

Guys- I will miss you!  Thanks for being such hard workers and for supporting me in my efforts for the mission.  


  1. you do need hair help!! Probably the less you do to it now, the better. i will help you fix it as soon as you get back. Otherwise, you look well and happy. Just love your blog! MOM

  2. Good to see you Larky! I am happy to see you happy! Say hello to your parents from us. We are still in Alabama, we might move to Eglin AFB FL soon, maybe in October.