Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Afghanistan Day 81: KAIA (August 11)

So the door locked itself shut from the inside and the out.  Had to take the hinges off from the outside.  It was quite the endeavor.  All in a day's work!

Got Blondies from my mom (its a Rhode Island treat).

Went to Kabul University.   It was pretty!


  1. Glad the blondies arrived...were they good? did the marshmallows help to keep them fresh? dad was pleased your received them rather quickly! Were you locked into the room? Were you alone? How did you get help? Was it at work? Tell me more! Love, MOm

  2. several of us were working in the office and the door locked itself shut and the hinges had to be removed on the other side by those who were locked out. i just observed the process, I didn't actually do anything to solve the situation. i did document it, however.