Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

You know how much I detest fast food, so you have some idea what its like for me to actually feel a moment of relief to see McDonalds.   I opted for KFC.  Desperate times....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Afghanistan Day 263: NMAA

Time to say Goodbye:

"I thank God and I thank your parents for making such a beautiful teacher, a wonderful girl who came to our country to help us." ~ NMAA Instructor

"Thank you, teacher, for coming to a dangerous place away from your family to help make our school better and to help the people of Afghanistan.  We appreciate you." ~ Engineering student enrolled in English instruction

"We will miss you everyday.  Who will laugh with us?" ~ Female English Instructor

"No one has ever done so much for NMAA." ~ English Instructor (talking about library)
"Thank you for teaching me.  Thank you for you." ~ English Instructor

"You are wonderful, Ma'am." ~ English Instructor

"You make us all work so hard that when we go home we fall asleep even at 7 o'clock pm.  Not even my wife can believe how hard we are working.  She thinks maybe I am getting too old!" ~ English Instructor

"I think you love the people of Afghanistan more than anybody." ~ Academic Dean

Afghanistan Day 263: KABUL ROCK

Afghanistan Day 263 : KAIA

You know you have been in Afghanistan too long when:

10.  ALL your sentences end with "Inshallah" and you mean it!
9.  Taking a shower once a week is suddenly living the high life.
8.  You are brushing your teeth with salty tap water.
7.  You stop doing a double take when you see Europeans smoking on the way to and from the gym.
6.  You stop doing a double take at the Czech guy who walks down the hall from the shower to the room totally naked.
5.  Sleeping on the couch at the MWR tent is a vacation.
4.  Oreos become office currency.
3.  Driving in mud puddles is the coolest part of your day.
2.  Applying the 10 second rule for food dropped on the floor becomes totally acceptable.
1. Eating food that expired 4+ months ago doesn't bother you since it's probably still ok.  

Monday, February 7, 2011

Afghanistan Day 262: NMAA (part 4- old post)

Afghanistan Day 262 NMAA (part 3)

Gifts from the library staff...

And goodbye from the Turkish Staff...

Afghanistan Day 262: NMAA (part 2)

Afghanistan Day 262: NMAA

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Afghanistan Day 258: KAIA

Some of my favorite photos of Kabul...