Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Afghanistan Day 263: NMAA

Time to say Goodbye:

"I thank God and I thank your parents for making such a beautiful teacher, a wonderful girl who came to our country to help us." ~ NMAA Instructor

"Thank you, teacher, for coming to a dangerous place away from your family to help make our school better and to help the people of Afghanistan.  We appreciate you." ~ Engineering student enrolled in English instruction

"We will miss you everyday.  Who will laugh with us?" ~ Female English Instructor

"No one has ever done so much for NMAA." ~ English Instructor (talking about library)
"Thank you for teaching me.  Thank you for you." ~ English Instructor

"You are wonderful, Ma'am." ~ English Instructor

"You make us all work so hard that when we go home we fall asleep even at 7 o'clock pm.  Not even my wife can believe how hard we are working.  She thinks maybe I am getting too old!" ~ English Instructor

"I think you love the people of Afghanistan more than anybody." ~ Academic Dean

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  1. I cannot help but love too those who love you. MOM