Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Afghanistan Day 254 : KAIA

 Parting is such sweet sorrow...Some final days with N1 and N2.  My favorite Northern Neighbors have left theater.  I miss them!  They were the best Canadian friends a girl could ever ask for- they did help me become very nearly Canadian.




  1. thank you to N1 and N2 and your families for watching over Lark and helping her in so many ways. Lark's Mom, Nadine

  2. No problem, it's just another service we provide!
    N1, N2 From Trier Germany!

    Lark, they had to double up some of the people here in our hotel... guess who still shares a room?

  3. Ha ha ha! It is fate. It's better than fate. It's Canadian fate. :D

    You guys are very missed!