Thursday, July 22, 2010

Afghanistan Day 61: Kabul (july 22)

Today I went on a humanitarian aid mission to the girls school.

the library for 4 thousand girls

someone sent 500 dollars so we could buy microscopes and wallcharts to set up a science lab for the school.  Most of the girls are poor- so poor they cannot even buy a pencil. 
camera shy 8th grade class...
The chalkboard in their classroom.

After that we went to the Afghan Fort, Bala Hissar.  You can read about the history on wikipedia:

After that we stopped at a British Cemetery, Sherpur Cantonment Cemetery.  This burial ground contains the memorials of many, and it is a quiet sweet spot of repose.  We only were there for a few moments, I wish I could have explored more deeply (you know me and headstones).  Still, it was a great glimpse.

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  1. I am just astonished at what you are experiencing Larky! Your heart must be ready to burst with emotion at every second. I am sure all are blessed and encouraged by your loving spirit. I feel it in the photos. You are my darling safe. Love, MOM