Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Afghanistan Day 45: Kaia (july 6) Catching up on Photos

The door to no-where at Camp Eggers

A painting was made specially for me.  The women are holding a bird "Totee" which is the closest translation of my name.  The painter is a teenager.  The family is trying to get visas to the US.  The boy would like to study painting in New York.  

My mom wanted to see my bed at the nicer base.  Everyone envies my set up.  Planning ahead pays off.
Mandatory Mentor Team Training Day (I got to go shooting with the boys from west point).

This target where the finger is pointing is me on burst for the first time.  I did better than everyone else.  I get to have ego about that.  
Shooting range at KMTC.

Thumb-where over the rainbow...at KAIA after the rain.

Parra gets inspired at Moorehead.
It has LEGS!
Candies a student brought us from Herot.  Sorta like toffee, but brittle. 
Going Iranian.  Gotta be prepared to blend in. 

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