Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Afghanistan Day 59: NMAA and KAIA (July 20 but for July 7-15)

Me in a burka in uniform. 

The Col's lunch at American University site survey visit.  Fun!

on the way home from American University, Kabul.


  1. The University looks lovely! the library is good too...but the food looks fabulous! I love the pictures of your life there. I am curious but also relieved to see normalcy among the poverty and distress. You look great and I love you in your burka....sure that's you? Was the van driver American or native? I bet you see all kinds of stupidity!!! Love you so much! MOM

  2. Van driver was local national. it is so stressful to convoy, but we see so many delightful moments that make us laugh. While it is never good to laugh at the misfortune of others, we couldn't help seeing the humor in this predicament!