Friday, July 2, 2010

Afghanistan Day 41: Camp Eggers (July 2)

There is something remarkably soothing about the call to prayer.  It creates a moment of peace in the chaos that reigns our daily regimen. 

Today I worked on revising the scope and sequence of the book and added some new stuff to the preface.  Almost ready to begin working on the hard part.  Also helped with getting more orders to contract.  Acquisitions and contracting is not my favorite thing, but it's interesting in small doses.  I mostly learn to like it because it gets stuff to my peers who are working without appropriate materials and supplies. 

There was an attack (somewhere else) so we lost internet for a few days.  I won't be able to post any new photos until I return to the other base.  Lots of changes happening with the installment of General P.  Incidentally, several Afghan leaders were also installed in the last two weeks for different reasons.  Many changes are happening, mostly in the form of enormous budget cuts in already strained conditions for already underfunded, weakly supported essential programs.  

Just for fun, something went wrong in all our paychecks resulting in much smaller checks than normal. It's not enough to deal with flies, ants, poo trucks, 12+ hour days, and not one modicum of privacy, but to not get paid appropriately is just annoying.  They claim it will catch up properly for the next pay period.  Good times.

I am using a public computer in a place called MWR (Morale Wellness Recreation).  Tonight is Karaoke night.  Some active duty guy is singing John Elton's Candle In The Wind VERY badly.  I am sticky all over with sweat and my hair is surely frizzy enough to host it's own village.  This is Afghanistan.  :D


  1. Need money? Let us know. Your writing is superb and delightful! I hope you can finish your work there. You are learning so much so quickly! Gather that information about budgets etc as you can use it throughout your career. Nothing like on the job training. Stay safe and know that you are dearly loved...MOM

  2. I will check for the Euro's when I get back to the other base.

  3. How very interesting to see where you are. I love your gives my heart rest that you have that nice space. Wish you could just tuck in there instead of being out and about so much. You are my dear dear girl. Love, MOm