Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Camp Bullis: Ode to the HBB

Ode to the Hot Beverage Bag

Oh Hot Beverage Bag, you are the one for me, I find you first when on bended knee- you meet all my needs so easily.

You keep my map safe and my iPhone dry. You help me steal quickclot for experiments- by and by.

You store my sudafed without complaint. You give and give without restraint.

You store water or keep it out. You work hard all day, but never pout.

You collect snacks, laminate 9 lines, you've just inspired me so many times.

You catch my pee behind a tree, you fold up so nicely. You look after loose change and odds and ends- you take whatever life at you sends.

You save me from sucking-chest-wounds if I get shot. At night I keep you next to my cot.

You have my heart, this much is true. You can hold and even heat my socks, and my Drink mix, too.

Because of you, I can carry around a goldfish pet or a tiny critter friend. You even collect trash- your efforts never end.

You keep my notes, you help me tote anything and everything. You are a girl's best friend- her confidant. You even keep her hygiene items on stand by for when she's not doing so hot.

You keep secrets- you never leak. Your integrity abounds, it's YOU we seek.

You keep the compass clean, untensils ready. On our behalf you constantly intervene- always calm and steady.

You help organize supplies for first aid. You can be a water bomb, or make a popping sound to simulate a grenade. You accompany us on every task and raid.

You handle all sorts of "hot water", but you never abandon us for slaughter.

You ward off paintballs, you stave off blanks. You give warning advice, you help us plot various pranks.

You never tire, you never sleep. When HBB is on watch, peace we will keep.

You keep tamales fresh and wipes moist. Mirrors, make up, and sunblock you hoist.

Cocoa, coffee, juice, and water- HBB takes it all without a fuss. Never forget your HBB-
it is a must!

-- Post From My iPhone

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