Sunday, April 11, 2010

Camp Bullis: Day 7

Today we did convoys with ied's and had to hold security at the same time. I drove for half of the exercise. We had to hurry up and wait for two hours with all our gear. Typical military.

Me waiting...

More waiting....

I'm crushed up in the window, we just recovered him from our vehicle while under attack after an ied explosion.

Driving (waiting for a civ truck to pass).

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  1. Lark,

    I'm thinking you missed your calling. It's still not too late to join the military!

  2. While the military is for some, I would rather sit on the sidelines and watch the action. However, thank God for the men and women who have a calling to serve. Without the men and women in the military we would not have our freedom in the United States. I hope our President continues to support the men and women in the military. If the Commander in Chief of the Arrmed forces does not support the military and the nation, our nation will have great difficulty maintaining its status as a world leader.