Sunday, May 5, 2013

Belgium Day 165: Inky & The Moos

Two days ago, the cows were returned to the field behind our yard.  

With two sunny afternoons this week, many flowers popped up.  

Inky summons the Moos.  

She yells at them.  They appear to try to understand her. 
She tries again.  

They run away.  She is very pleased with herself.  I praise her and tell we are going inside.  We both walk back to the house and then I tell her, go say goodbye to the Moos.  She bounds back to the fence and barks out several times and then runs back to me inside the house.  

1 comment:

  1. Message to Ink from a fan:

    Ink should restict her wolf like tendencies to more mangeable prey hamsters...squirrels and declawed koalas.