Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Quick Trip to Brussels- with Maureen & Roxy

Our day began with a local Belgian brocante.

Followed by breakfast at Maureen's new lovely abode
Then we went scarf shopping/supply shopping, which is located next to the brothel street.  

Love YOUself.  And yourself.  And English. 

the girls sample rotis.  yum!

Then we navigated through the maze of construction to finally arrive at lunch- first we had soup at one cafe and then pide at another.  A progressive lunch! 

Turkish coffee

Then we made it to the Atomium/Minieurope, 15 minutes after it closed, so we just had a stroll and took a few photos.

Matching scarves from the scarf shop-  I made them take the photo, and they were good sports about it.  I am blessed with wonderful friends!

For a final favorite of Brussels, we did a quick run to the grande place and got Galler  praline-filled "waffles".  Perfection!   What a great vacation day with fantastic friends.  

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