Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UAE Day 45: everything but the kitchen sink

Yesterday the bed people were supposed to come again. They failed to show. I sat on hold on the phone (I pay per min) for 2.5 hours and when they finally answered the delivery department was closed. Dishwasher connection began leaking again. Still don't know where to find epoxy glue. Then my ceiling began raining, like a rain forest. Thought it might be related to the air con so turned that all off. That made it an oven. I slept on the mat on the floor. Air bed was too hot, the plastic just radiated the humid hot like cooking in a tagine. Slept badly. Woke up congested. Got to work. Someone stole the chocolate bar off my desk that I had brought as a gift for my coworker. I worked late so someone had to have come very late to steal it.  

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