Monday, November 3, 2014

UAE Day 78: what's cooking? Not me!

The evening started out with the delivery of the stove, which could not be installed because of some problem with the wrong kind of electrical outlet.  Then the electrician was summoned and installed a new outlet for just 150 USD.  Stove people have to come back to do the installation.  No idea when that will happen.  While the electrician was doing his thing with the handyman/doorman, I noticed that a bathroom I don't use often had urine-water leaking out of the toilet somehow.  It smelled really nasty, so I pointed that out to the doorman/handyman who smeared it about with toilet paper and noted the issue.  No idea if that was the solution or not.  

Wires being run from the hallway through my ceiling and into my kitchen.

Adding another support to the counter since they knocked one out to make space for the dishwasher installation a while back.  Yellow hat is my electrician.  During the work, my neighbours came to complain (around 7 pm) about the noise.  They were disturbed from their afternoon naps.  These are the same neighbours whose children run the halls shrieking at midnight.  I just shrugged and said they had to do the repairs.  They tossed some sour words in a language I don't speak to the men.  Ladder and tools were finally collected at 11 pm.  

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