Tuesday, May 19, 2015

U.A.E. Day 299: Turkish Day

I co-sponsor the Turkish Club at my campus.  It's rad. A whole group of girls who LOVE Turkey!  In order to honor Turkey, we had a festival on May 19th, which is the Turkish Youth & Sports Holiday in Turkey.  Perfect!  

I made, with some help from indulgent colleagues, the colorful Turkish/English banners that span the entry. It is hard to tell, but the letters, of course, are outlined with fabulous glitter glue.   

Exhibits in the hall included Turkish language, Turkish arts, and crafts Turkish folk dance, Turkish music, Turkish TV, Turkish food, Turkish coffee, Turkish sweets, Turkish tourism, and Turkish heritage/history.  It was a smashing success!

The Turkish version of River Dance- set a world record for the most steps in a single minute.  

The posters were made by me and my co-sponsor, but the work, the sales, and the excitement was all managed by the students.  Well done!

They handmade the flags!

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