Thursday, December 10, 2015

UAE Day 480: The Week of Cinematic Delight (part 1)

The audience votes on the films shown during the course of the festival to see who has produced the best film and the winner gets assistance in mass-distribution of the film in addition to the general honors and accolades.  
Directors and actors are present for Q & A at the end of each premier screening.  Of course, I usually ask questions.  They translate everything into both English and Arabic for the international audience.  

A determined shopper.

A great film!  Love, Theft, and Other Entanglements is about a Palestinian guy who makes a lot of slightly stupid choices and has to manage the consequences in the backdrop of all the issues in Palestine (terrorism, oppression, economics).  It made me laugh and cry.  

Festive Shoes :D

I bawled at the start of this film for all the children who love something they are not allowed to love.  It has a positive ending, but the beginning is so powerful.  Abdullah is an entirely Emirati production.  #SupportArabCinema and bravely glimpses local modern realities.  

My hot chocolate order went well.  

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