Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Quick Trip To France: Monet's Gardens in Giverny

Inky is not convinced that we need to go to France.  

Lovely cafe on the way in to the museum.  

The woman in black is a Madam and the girls are her new prostitutes being transported to their new location.

The artist Sorolla's wife and new baby.

A little rain can't stop me! 

Even the poultry are colorful! 

No filter, no editing, just flowers in Monet's France. 

They offer beginner painting and sketching classes here several weekends a year.  #lifegoals

So soggy but so happy.

Trying to show everything for my Mom.

on the bridge

A kid volunteered to take my photo.  :D

and the rain kept falling

Monet's House

A dear man who suffered crushing depression and great personal loss, still found beauty and shared it with the world. 

They were closing when I arrived but I begged and they let me take a quick turn about the house. 

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