Monday, January 16, 2017

100 Books- Better Late Than Never

January 2017 Books:

1. If Someone Says "You Complete Me," RUN!: Whoopi's Big Book of Relationships by Whoopi Goldberg

2. Colorado City Polygamists: An Inside Look for the Outsider by Benjamin Bistline

3. I'm Perfect, You're Doomed: Tales from a Jehovah's Witness Upbringing by Kyria Abrahams

4. The American Plate: A Culinary History in 100 Bites by Libby O'Connell

5. That's Disgusting: Unraveling the Mysteries of Repulsion by Rachel Herz

6. Religious Fundamentalism: Global, Local and Personal by Peter Herriot

7. Strong Religion: The Rise of Fundamentalisms around the World (The Fundamentalism Project) by Gabriel Almond

8. Hezbollah by Hala Jaber

9. Origins of Terrorism: Psychologies, Ideologies, Theologies, States of Mind by Walter Reich

10. Rebel Hearts: Journeys with the IRA's Soul by Kevin Toolis

11. Suicide Terrorism by Ami Pedahzur

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