Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kashmir Day 3: Shia Mosque

This is my first time seeing a  Sufi (Shia) shrine, a mosque dedicated to the man who brought the art of pashmina weaving to Kashmir from then Persia (now Iran).   He was a priest in the holy order of Kubrawuyya, a group whose authority traces back to Ali and believe themselves to be the purest followers of Islam.   

Women are not allowed to enter Shia mosques.  They have to pray outside, though some seek solace in traditions like touching the doorway and symbolically touching their forehead or trying strings to parts of the building to ensure their prayers and wishes are connected to holy ground.   

Men grab this on their way in and out of the mosque.  

Prayers, manifested. 

The 99 names of God painted into the wall motifs.

Ironically, only men hang out in the ladies' reflection garden.

Spot where famous Hindu worship has occurred, making the mosque site of interest to Hindus as well as Muslims.   

Someone is supervising me. 

Everyone loves the pigeons.  

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