Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Afghanistan Day 235: NMAA

Making a library is not easy...but it is FUN!

So Hosha is the custodian in my office.  He wields a vacuum cleaner.  We called the office to ask him to come to the library to help with assembling a desk.  He got the message that I needed him, but was dispatched to the wrong location, vacuum in tow.  He searched and searched all over for me, until he saw a big mountain of  cardboard and trash.  He was so thrilled to find me, when he discovered us, he declared (translated): "I went to the other building and there was no mess, so I knew you were not there.  I saw a big mess here, and I knew you were here.  You always make a big mess!"  While I feel sorry for his increased responsibility (no small task keeping up with my waste-volume) he did express joy at being involved in all the "good good books for the cadets".  We all had a good laugh over it.  We are making wonderful headway on the library effort.  Many books have been delivered and inventoried.  We are unpacking and organizing with fury and vigor.  Time flies too quickly, it slips away from me at alarming rates.  I delight in making a mess because it is evidence of the more significant results of getting books to the university, the teachers, and properly equipping all with some resources.  It is wonderful!

After all the lifting, ripping open, sorting, organizing, and directing, I feel I earned my keep today!  Already yearning for the delicious moment that spans a sigh- that soothing wave of relief that washes over my body when I swim into the sheets of my bed at the end of my long days. 

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