Monday, January 10, 2011

Afghanistan Day 234 : KAIA

Adventures in Dfac2...
Grant has very specific ideas about eating.  We enjoy learning about these ideas.

Me:  Grant, do you enjoy eating all of the apple or are you just so hungry that you forget to stop eating the core?
Grant:  I'm just so hungry, I forget!

 Apple- shame!

Mint syrup on strawberry mouse.  Its worse than toothpaste and orange juice.

Grant food-for-thought:
1.  If you pass out from hunger, you'll sleep more soundly at night.
2.  If you go to bed and your stomach isn't growling, you ate too much.
3. Coffee suppresses hunger and pushes out water- you can loose 3 pounds alone from replacing water with coffee.
4.  You have to eat the same thing for each meal, everyday to control your calories.
5.  You can get 2 free meals per week (does not include desert) where you can eat what you want.
6.  You can eat one bag of popcorn each week.
7.  You have to add splenda to yogurt, not normal sugar or pre-sweetened yogurt.

Lesson learned:  Never take your meals for GRANTed!


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  2. Update from Grant:

    - thai food is a battle of the wills- if its not a fight to eat it, it is not hot enough.

    -skinny feels better than food tastes!

    - smelling it is better than eating it- so just get a waft and then move on...