Friday, December 21, 2012

Belgium: Day 30- Downtown Brussels/Lens

Headed in to Cupcakes d'Emilie


Best cupcakes.  In the world.  Seriously.  Christmas gifts for local people who have been kind to me.

This is a school.  

Moroccan Mint...perfect on a chilly day.

Moroccan soup

Moroccan couscous. YUM!

Let's see how many orange things we can put here.


I made Chicken Tortilla soup.  So lovely on a cold evening.  

In Belgium, you can buy bread out of vending machines on the streets near bakeries.  The demand for fresh bread it that high.


Christmas and pumpkins, all at once, in Lens. 

Weekly market in Lens.

Christmas breads, made to resemble the shape of a swaddled Christ.  

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