Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year! Best Wishes!


12. get skinny (fail, gained 8 pounds. oh well, try again)
11. finish a Master's Degree (ok, well one is done, didn't have a clue i'd be doing two)
10. see a NEW country (Belgium, England)
9. learn to cook something new (Chicken Tortilla Soup, YUM).
8. read more (didn't work perfectly, but at least 2 books a month)
7. pray more (still room to grow)
6. take a vacation ( fail )
5. get a new lens for camera and learn how to use it well (got a new camera, and had lens accident this week)
4. save money (fail, thanks to school)
3. sleep more (fail)
2. try to improve my situation at DLI (CALT, PIE Conference, Chief Union Steward)
1. be nicer (fail)

2013 GOALS:

12. lose 15 kilos
11. get my leg strength back from break
10. apply for Belgian PhD program
9. improve my French seriously
8. improve my Arabic seriously
7. CELTA somehow
6. learn to cook 12 new things
5. read 100 books
4. finish both Master's Degrees
3. go see three new countries (France, Turkey, .....????)
2. take 10 really great photos
1. spend more time with people i love

Every year is a chance to get it right! :D

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