Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Belgium Day 152: World Children's Day

Things I learned from World Children's Day:
1.  All children are precious, talented, and deserve a chance to live a peaceful life.
2.  All countries have valuable culture, traditions, and perspectives to share.
3.  We must celebrate the talents of all children in all nations and appreciate the joy that they bring to the world.
4.  All people are worthy of love and peace.
5.  It is worth working towards peace in the world.
6.  We can forgive and support each other.
7.  We can never give up on peace.
8.  Sharing our lives, our customs, and our talents bring us closer together.
9.  Children are a gift.
10.  Peace begins with innocent kindness and if children can do it, adults can and should.

Hungarian Children

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  1. Oh, I nearly forgot- I also learned that Russia is the BIGGEST country in the world. They are proud of this geographic heritage. It was cute. :D