Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Turkey Day 5: Bursa

Excellent Cafe in Bursa

This darling, sweet gardener is responsible for all the planted flowers captured in these photos.  When he saw me taking photos of the flowers, he wanted to show me all his work and was so proud.  He kept a respectful distance and made sure that none of the other men around were bothering me.  He stood guard while I crouched down and then when I was finished he led the way back to the cafe.  My Turkish is limited, but I was able to thank him and tell him the flowers were beautiful.  Precious experience.  :D

cok guzel (so nice)

Gardener resumed work after I finished photographing the lovely blooms.

Best "Mexican" food ever.  It was made with olive oil and curry spices but grilled like fijitas.  Fantastic!

"Meksika" Mexican-Turkish Chicken Fijitas

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  1. As usual, a wonderful picture walk. I am so happy that you have this extraordinary opportunity. Please continue taking me through all of these beautiful adventures :)