Sunday, March 2, 2014

Izmir Day 1: the Arrival

Nearly missed my flight about 11 times in the airport due to various issues (ticketing agent, had to go through security multiple times for my clearly-terrorist-belgian waffle, etc.).  Finally made it through and got my visa in Istanbul without a hitch.  Got in border control line to have everything checked before the flight to Izmir and became drenched in sweat, nauseated, and started to black out.  So that was fun.  Made it through, sat down, and waited it out for a bit, and then sprinted to my connection.  Got to Izmir and my bag was no where to be found, and this caused me to be 30 minutes behind the timeline set for check-in at the school.  Ran what seemed like forever to a metro stop, got on the metro for over an hour, got off the metro and got a taxi, and eventually made it to the school (after a lot of driving around in apparent circles on side streets in the dark night).  Got checked in and taxi took me to the host family.  This was waiting for me when I arrived:

Lovely sight for sore eyes!

took about 20 seconds to get settled.  

and ready to call it a day!  YEY for Izmir!  It is impossible to not be happy here, regardless of the stress of the journey.  

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