Friday, March 25, 2016

Jordan Day 1: Madaba The City of Mosaics

Mosaics from pre-Ottoman and Ottoman periods
This is Saint George's church.

In Madaba, Jordan the Christians are a minority, but not by much (like 47/53 split) and the communities are friends and family (many Christian husbands with Muslim wives) who celebrate all the holidays and feasts together.  Interestingly enough as well, the Greek and Roman congregations share holiday Mass, alternating who officiates every year. This is the church that commemorates the beheading site of John the Baptist.     

The borders include all the cities in Jordan and all the cities between Madaba and Jerusalem.  John the Baptist church.

In the chapel, there was a temporary display of a figure of Christ.  It was a very interesting situation.  John the Baptist church.

At St. George's church.

At St. George's church

Help us, Our Lord Our God.

Christian community's Scout organization.  Kids had band practice. 

At the bell tower top, John the Baptist church. 

Looking out the bell tower.

Bell tower door

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