Saturday, March 26, 2016

Jordan Day 2: The Dead Sea

Faris takes me to the Dead Sea.  He is Jordanian, Christian and calls his Muslim neighbors his family.  

Standing in the Dead Sea.  The water is pleasant and not cold.  It does taste very salty.  

people trying to float, its a bit of  a challenge today because it is raining with strong wind (so there are powerful small waves and a strong current)

Met some lovely folks from South Africa.  Their daughter (age 51) teaches in Abu Dhabi.  Sweet people.  

My new friends

There's no natural sand- its all rock and salt and hard and ouchy, but really pretty colors.

Soggy, chilly, but happy! 

Chunk of salt from where I'm standing- the lowest point on Earth!

The white is salt.

Peaceful moment.  Lovely experience.  Ancient wonder.

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