Wednesday, March 6, 2013

100 Books

100 Books

This year I have a goal to read 100 books.  I am rather excited for this goal, as it essentially entails reading two books each week that are not academic or part of assignments for school.  FOUR books down, 96 more to go.  ;-D

1. Little Princes by Conor Grennan (highly recommend)
2. Passage to Istanbul by Joseph Kanon (meh- slow spy novel, not very much culture, do not recommend)
3. Desert Queen by Janet Wallach (you have to be in the mood)
8.  SOLD by Zana Muhsen (highly recommend)

Currently underway:

4. Tales from the Expat Harem by Anastasia Ashman (highly recommend)

Up next:
5.  Apples are from Kazakhstan by Christopher Robins
6.  Rebel Land by Christopher de Bellaigue
7.  Crescent & Star by Stephen Kinzer


  1. That's quite a pace! You must be reading nonstop. Hope all is well with you in your new life.

  2. Russ-

    Thanks for the well wishing. The reading goal is supposed to be a minimum of 2 books/week, at the rate of 11+ pages/day. Most days I can only squeeze in 3-5, so I am a bit behind schedule. Hopefully I'll get some quality, solid reading time logged once I am done with all my classes. Hope all is well with you!