Saturday, March 30, 2013

Turkey Day 1: Love, At First Sight

Out my window

Breakfast buffet

Mix of Turkish and English books in the Hotel lobby.  

Izmir does open your heart and feed your soul!

He posed for me, good sport.  

She also was willing to pose.  Darling!

Serious about the work!

Prayer beads

Sterotyping Texas?


  1. Looks cool! I need that outfit imitating Texas STAT. I also feel like I would spend oodles of money on useless trinkets, especially at the shop where the guy was posing for you!

  2. Will you be visiting any of the places mentioned in our months read?

  3. I don't remember which places are mentioned! I didn't bring the book with me. Ha ha. Good luck with trying to be the giant Texan model.

    The junk-shop man was so darling. He was shy but totally hammed it up for the camera. Great people!