Friday, July 26, 2013

Annual Goals: Another Update

Annual Goals 2013: An Update

For the last few years, I've made 12 goals I strive to complete during the year.  Some are successful, others not so much.  Part of being successful is planning and preparation.  The rest is execution and accountability.  Here is an update on my status for this year's goals.

2013 GOALS:

12. lose 15 kilos  
A little progress- down 1.5 kilos

11. get my leg strength back from break
Doing so-so with this at the gym, building and not pushing too hard.

10. apply for Belgian PhD program
Application has finally been submitted after all the logon and submission errors plaguing me. Can't tell if the GRE is a requirement or just possible to include, so I guess I will find out soon. If it is, I will have to accomplish it before Christmas. If not, I *think* I am done.

9. improve my French seriously
UPDATE: practicing weekly with a tutor, making modest gains in pronunciation and basic grammar.

My course concluded this week, but I am not comfortable speaking yet. I lack mastery of content and will dedicate time in July to boost and reinforce content. Also looking into taking French for non-native speakers course at a local university for the Fall.

8. improve my Arabic seriously
Some progress. Faithfully attending class, scored 55% on my first exam (50% was passing). Delighted as the language of instruction is French. I can write better than ever before. Spelling is terrible, but vocabulary is expanding. Now understand some prepositions. My course concluded June 9th. I lack mastery of content and my pronunciation and dictation scores are very low. Feeling discouraged. Also missed two critical grammar presentations (I was present, but my French isn't strong enough to catch her explanations). Must find out how to conjugate simple past verbs, learn possessives, and practice dictation. I have a better understanding than ever before. My handwriting has improved. Still struggling with the different "H' sounds in spelling during dictation. Struggling with precise pronunciation of some letters that don't exist in English: غ ع

7. CELTA somehow
UPDATE: text books purchased, sim card ordered (it is free) and procured "oyster" card for train travel.
Headed to London for August, tuition and accomodate are paid, courtesy of my tax refund from university tuition. Delighted!

6. learn to cook 12 new things 
Some progress. I've learned to cook 2 new things I am comfortable making.

5. read 100 books
Some progress. I've finished 33% of this goal with another 3% currently underway. Still not caught up to where I ideally should be right now (50%) but making progress.

4. finish both Master's Degrees
UPDATE: Parity has been reached for both programs. YEY!

3. go see three new countries (France, Turkey, .....????)
Goal parity has been achieved. I visited Paris for the free day at the Louvre, spent just over a week in Izmir/Istanbul, toured Holland. 

2. take 10 really great photos
Some progress. 1 photo down, 9 more to go. Will do some exercises in July to practice different settings and experiment with photo editing, since I have never edited any photos beyond an occasional crop. Will take a lesson or two in editing in Aperture with the base PAO in July.

1. spend more time with people i love
Some progress. Skype-dates have really been a great success. Also been making friends the priority over other personal interests or tasks (other than attending classes).

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