Saturday, July 20, 2013

Belgium Day 238: Breaking The Fast

You may already know about my interest in learning about the religions of the world, particularly those that share similar beliefs with that of my own. In a beautiful day of interfaith sharing, I was invited to a breaking-the-fast meal and to see the praying in the mosque.  It was really special, and I am so deeply touched by the spirit of brotherly kindness from my sweet friends.

All the carpets are like a thousand prayer rugs inside the prayer halls.

On the upper level.  

It was really sweet to see the tiny children pray.  It was just as sweet to see them  trying to be patient like the children at every other type of prayer service all over the world.  
To all my Muslim friends and readers, Ramadan Karim!  Best wishes.  


  1. Love you, too. Thank you so much for including me! I loved it!