Saturday, July 27, 2013

Quick Trip to Amsterdam: Day 2- Anne Frank House (the covert pix)

Model of Otto Frank's hiding place above his pectin factory which continued operating during the war.  They had to be very still and quiet during the day to avoid detection by the factory workers.  Several administrative staff knew of their hiding and fed the three families whatever they could whenever they could.  

Anne's shared room with Fritz

The original bookcase covering the entry to their hiding place.  

Anne pasted post cards and images from magazines that were brought to her once a week all over her shared room.  

One of her post cards from her collection from before the war started was The Lark's Song.  I discovered it by chance on the wall.     

The bright patch is the window she looked out of that was referenced in her diary.  

The initial volume of her diary, she eventually filled numerous notebooks and scraps of paper, recording not only their experience, but also authoring some short fictional stories and keeping a book of phrases that she thought sounded beautiful.  

A drawing from Anne Frank

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