Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Belgium Day 391: Merry Merry 2013

Hope your holiday was better than mine.  I tried to make the best of it, but I was terribly sick for over a month resulting in delays for decorating, shipping gifts, and cleaning.  I had a horrible Christmas Eve full of sadness and emergencies.  Finally got the tree up later that night, not as nicely as last year, but in time for the big day, at least.  Had a quiet Christmas morning, listened to the Silent Night, Holy Night dvd by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir hosted by Walter Cronkite.  I know that celebrating Christ isn't about festivities, but it is hard to feel good about things when traditions are not kept or not kept normally.  Still, made the best of it.  I had some lovely gifts waiting for me in the morning.

glitter dust on the floor from ornament unpacking

sniff.  sniff sniff.

from my family and my friends!

Christmas Jammies!

Not nearly as excited for that toothpaste, mom.

Does this mean you will brush my teeth?

From Sarah!

Lovely!  Thanks Sarah!

From Anita!

Thank you, Aunt Anita!  Incidentally, my mom got me the same bow shirt.  I know you guys didn't plan that.

Inky meets the dog bookends.  She's not impressed.

What's inside!?  A gift from grammy deanie and grandpa george....

The most wonderful and scary gift ever- the CHRISTMAS LLAMA!

I only love it when its not standing up.  Standing up Christmas llamas are too scary.

From Santa!

I will snuggle it laying down only.

from Santa

From my parents

Not sure how accurate this picture of Santa is...

Note the black and white bow shirt my mom got me...identical to the one Aunt Anita got me...

from Sarah!

Just had to sneak some Texas into my Christmas.  Thank you!

Playing in her Christmas Jammies.  

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