Thursday, December 12, 2013

Belgium Day 379: current events & culture

My advanced conversation course has come to an end.  The focus of this course was current events & culture in the context of globalization.  We explored the concepts of cultural domains, imperialism, human rights, separation of church & state, and of course relevant current events from world news.  It was awesome! It was fun to have conversations involving academic English.  Additionally, students learned how to write a classical argument, engage in debate, write and EXSUM, and give a military-style briefing.  I also taught a Turkish family this week.  It is ALWAYS a delight and a pleasure to be a guest in a Turkish home.  My advanced conversation course will resume in late february where we will focus on the cultural concepts of truth, goodness, beauty, justice, equality, and liberty.  Can't wait.  

Red lentil kofta (on the right)

Turkish Baby Salim

We had a small lesson on the names of the fruit on the table.  Tiny man!

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