Saturday, December 14, 2013

Belgium Day 381: Lark In Brussels- An Adventure

So, Youssra is my best Belgian-Moroccan friend!  She was the first person to be friendly to me in Belgium, I met her 9 weeks after I arrived here.  She was in my Arabic class and she spoke English!  And her English was beautiful!  I was so grateful because Arabic class is taught in French, which I do not (yet) speak.  Youssra faithfully translated on breaks and after class and also tutored me before our exams.  She is just a gem- I love her and her whole family.  They are just a blessing.  I went with Youssra and her family to Turkey this October.  While there, I noticed that Youssra's sister had a particularly beautiful headscarf that just makes her beauty radiate.  I asked her sister about where she got it and she told me it came from a shop in Brussels.  I immediately was curious about this shop and we all agreed we would go there together for a girl's day.  Today that plan was actualized.  Youssra titled my blog entry.  We had such a lovely day and it didn't even rain on us.  

I am layering up to go to the city.  I will add another white coat and a fluffy grey scarf before we walk around all day.  

Youssra's Mama (left) and sister (right).  

Scarves in a scarf shop

men's head covers

Turkish shop in Brussels

Many muslims like to use a stick called Miswak during the month of Ramadan (fasting month) to keep their teeth clean using this age-old method.  Some people prefer to use a toothbrush (instead of the stick) and toothpaste made from the stick.  I bought some because I have to try it.  Too awesome.  It made me laugh a lot.  Well, why not?!

It's hard to see, but this is a really sweet moment between daughter and mother- daughter's arm is around mom.  You may need to enlarge it to see because it came out a bit dark.  

Lunch in a Turkish Cafe.

Turkish Pizza (Pida)- AMAZING.  I'm hungry now just looking at it.

So we bought some scarves.  It looks like a lot, but they are not folded they are bunched up so it looks like a lot more than it really is.  However, some were two scarves/5 euro so we did get more than a dozen.  Delighted!  Such a fun outting for us girls to share together.  So happy to be included.  

I may be a bit chilly.

This is an art/science display in Brussels about glaciers.  We walked through, the size decreases as you go.  I had to exit about 80% of the way through.  My tiny Youssra was able to finish without even bending over.  It pays to be 5 feet tall, at least in this case!  

Inside the arches

Music and lights show in the Grande Place (pronounced grand plass)

The grand place is a bit crowded.  

Grand Place Tree

Victor Hugo lived in the Grand Place in 1852.  The house is beautiful (from the outside).

After our big adventure in the city, we made our way to Youssra's Aunt's home.  Inside the apartment, there is an elevator that boasts the ability to hoist 4 people to total 300 kg.  I really had to laugh because it was a squeeze to get both Youssra and I inside.  Mostly, I filled it up all on my own.  

Smashed into the tiniest elevator.

So Youssra's Aunty fed us and gave me as much Moroccan mint tea as I could handle- I enjoyed 3 beautiful cups of tea.


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  2. Thank you for my Brussels adventure, and everything else. :D Perfect!