Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sweden Day 11: ABBA The Museum

Thanks for your patience while I had to wait for regular internet access to fix the uploading issue.  Now the complete set of photos from the exhibits should appear below.
Singing Karaoke or just posing?  The world will never know. :D

They wrote the melodies in advance, sometimes 2-3 years before they decided on what set of lyrics to use with the song.  The lyrics writer would often prepare 2-3 sets of words for each song before settling on which would be recorded/released.  

dressing rooms

dressing rooms

they made their own costumes

my face on an ABBA avatar 

Karaoke booth

This exhibit goes through the decades both with technology and famous Swedes contributing to popular music of each decade.  Lovely exhibit.

Instruments strung from the ceiling for a really neat effect.

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