Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sweden Day 8: Trangt & Tregligt (Swedish Goods)

This shop is a collective of about 7 local artisan women who sell their lovely, high quality handmade goods in this little shop.  Worth stopping in!  

This wonderful person was so supportive of the work and related efforts to my military course (the reason why I am in Sweden at this time) on gender decided to give me a gift of appreciation.  How thoughtful.  It's so nice when people spread good energy and encouragement and creativity- it matters!  

This is one of her many products- I was given the golden dancing lady on the bottom left.  She is a Swedish ancient painting.  Love her, and love the thought behind the gift.  Thank you.

Nordic trolls, so cute!

My sweetly packaged gift.  What a treasure.  :D

The shop


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