Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sweden Day 7: Historiska Museet (part 1)

This grave stone, for a baby boy, shows the transitional time between  the pagan religion of multiple gods and Christianity.  There are symbols of both.  

People buried their treasure on their farmland, using it as a cache of cash.  Coins were not used, so its the predecessor of the modern savings account.  Coins from Iraq appear in the mix, but were not used as coins, but rather melted down and used by weight.  The coins are amazingly thin- like tissue paper in some cases.  Very interesting.

This is a viking burial ground.  They are buried in boats, with their horse, their dog, silver, and their wife.  They may be equipped in death with food, weapons, or war banners.  The boat is to ferry them into the next world.  

In this image, we see the items placed in the boat from the black and white image above, as they would have been instead of how they were really found.  

I love the shadows- very clever.

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